This week - a montage

Had a great run on Monday and Tuesday. Went for a run with AG (can't believe it actually happened!) on Wednesday and as I've told my friends, took it for what it was. It was a run with a friend. We didn't make grand promises to run together every day forever and ever and I didn't allow myself to get sucked into the "we should totally do another long race together!" excitement b/c what it boils down to she needs a running buddy now that her boyfriend has a lamed up IT band. Which I get. Whatever. But in the past, I would have gone along with it, gotten caught up in the fun of picking out a new race and setting up a training plan and then been disappointed when her boyfriend swooped in and wanted to run with us etc. It did leave me a little sad that I knew we wouldn't get around to running a race like she was suggesting, but I'm not going to dwell on it and I'll see her again when I see her.

Had a pretty crappy run today, but that's probably b/c I did 30 minutes on the elliptical last night, ran 6 miles and then took a crazy hard pilates class. Hmm...actually typing all of that makes it SO much clearer. The question now is whether or not I'll still want to run tomorrow morning. A guy I used to run with in TNT wants to get together for 5-7 but we're going to Maine in the morning and I dont want to have to wake up at the crack of dawn. I suppose I should email him either way - maybe he wont want to run super early?

Fighting off the temptation to have frozen yogurt right now. I've actually been feeling really good lately - no dairy, trying to stick with the food combining method and it's done pretty well by me so far. I think not having dairy has really really helped.


Every Smile is a Direct Achievement

I rediscovered my love for running this weekend. Finally. Crawled out of bed early on Saturday (okay by like 8:30 so not that early) and drove down to the river to do a 10 miler. Broke out the fuel belt for it's first run of the season. Set my watch and just started running. Ah, glorious solitary running. In fact, it wasn't completely solitary, which might have been the best part. I ran the first few miles with my headphones in, chugging along at a good clip. Just past the Mass Ave bridge, CO came up behind me and we enjoyed a very nice chat for a mile or two. Turns out her boyfriend, C, is back from his US tour and had a wonderful time, she's still enjoying her job (though had a pretty lousy day on Thursday)and has spent the summer running, visiting family in NH and relaxing as much as possible. CO and I ran until the BU Bridge and then parted ways. I trotted along all the way down to the Elliot Bridge, pushing myself when I had the energy and backing off when I felt tired. I really think this is key, and one of the biggest reasons why I hate the treadmill now.

I know treadmill runs are good - they force you to keep a certain pace, even when you get tired and you build endurance. But I find so often that I'll get a fit of energy and not want to increase the speed on the stupid machine and I end up losing the energy and then feeling tired and psyching myself out. The natural ebbs and flows of my energy during a run just cannot be utilized on a machine.

So on I went, rediscovering my love/hate relationships with Gu (Chocolate Outrage this time) and sipping on my water, appreciating the pockets of shade and pushing through the sections of hot sun. Just when I was starting to feel like mailing in the last mile or so, I ran into TNT Chris just before the bend down to the Longfellow Bridge. He didnt even notice me at first so I tapped him on the shoulder and he reversed his course and we jogged along all the way back to, and passed, my car. One last reverse and we ended up back at Vivian, catching up on what we've been up to for the past 9 months or so since we talked. Crazy to think how much has happened, and yet running generally has stayed the same.

Took Sunday off to rest (and nurse I touch of a hangover from too much Reisling the night before) and had another good run on Monday. Might try to run tonight before pilates, but we'll see. Also, may or may not be running with AG tomorrow night - have exchanged a few emails over the last week or so and she suggested a running date. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but we'll see.

Also want to remind myself of something I read in RW yesterday - to take care of my body. This include everything from stretching to what I eat to taking days off and remembering to moisturize. I find that I can get too wrapped up in things and my increased stress/anxiety level leads me to rush through things without appreciating the time or act. I want to take a minute before I do almost anything now and just breathe and clear my head. As a yoga teacher once said in class, focus on your intention, have purpose.

I think this ties in nicely to the quote on my Yogi tea bag today - every smile is a direct achievement. Be purposeful and take care of yourself!!!