This week - a montage

Had a great run on Monday and Tuesday. Went for a run with AG (can't believe it actually happened!) on Wednesday and as I've told my friends, took it for what it was. It was a run with a friend. We didn't make grand promises to run together every day forever and ever and I didn't allow myself to get sucked into the "we should totally do another long race together!" excitement b/c what it boils down to she needs a running buddy now that her boyfriend has a lamed up IT band. Which I get. Whatever. But in the past, I would have gone along with it, gotten caught up in the fun of picking out a new race and setting up a training plan and then been disappointed when her boyfriend swooped in and wanted to run with us etc. It did leave me a little sad that I knew we wouldn't get around to running a race like she was suggesting, but I'm not going to dwell on it and I'll see her again when I see her.

Had a pretty crappy run today, but that's probably b/c I did 30 minutes on the elliptical last night, ran 6 miles and then took a crazy hard pilates class. Hmm...actually typing all of that makes it SO much clearer. The question now is whether or not I'll still want to run tomorrow morning. A guy I used to run with in TNT wants to get together for 5-7 but we're going to Maine in the morning and I dont want to have to wake up at the crack of dawn. I suppose I should email him either way - maybe he wont want to run super early?

Fighting off the temptation to have frozen yogurt right now. I've actually been feeling really good lately - no dairy, trying to stick with the food combining method and it's done pretty well by me so far. I think not having dairy has really really helped.

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