Decided to experiment a bit last night with one of my diet points. First of all, didn't know what I wanted for dinner so met S at the store and ended up getting a couple bite of a whole bunch of stuff. Then ate half of the lasagna he brought home (and it was HUGE). But I wanted to have dessert, probably to get the taste out of my mouth and, even though it was after 8pm, I reached for the peppermint patties. Well, now they're all gone, thanks to me not listening to myself. I knew it would happen too. But at least I'm working on getting wiser to my habits. Weight was up a bit today, probably as a result of the huge piece of lasagna sitting in my stomach right now. Hopefully I can drink a ton of water, be responsible with my meals today and see an improvement tomorrow.

Weight: 123.6
Miles run: 5.1


I have learned a few things about myself and my attempts to diet:

1. Do not eat after 8pm. No matter what. It always ends in disaster.

2. Do not get something you can snack on "just in case." You will eat it all right away, even if you are already full.

3. Only eat what you plan, but be sure to plan enough. A deficit of more then 700 calories for the day will lead to certain failure. This also means it is crucial to have enough calories throughout the day, not just at night.

4. Never eat anything unless you have a bottle of water next to you.


1. Three great things:

a. Diamonds. Love them
b. Little children with curly hair. The family at the opposite end of our hall has 3 children, all of whom eschew pant wearing like I've never seen. Every evening, sometime between 6:30 and 9:30pm, the pants-less wonders are released from their cages and commence with the spirited race down our hall. In recent weeks, they have even become so bold as to bang on our door when they reach it, to announce the race winner and then collapse into a fit of the giggles at our step. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
c. Having a thin day. Hopped on the scale today - down 2lbs from yesterday. Sure, it's water weight. Sure, I was sick for a week and ate nothing of any nutritional value and drank 3L of water yesterday to flush it out of my system. STILL, wanted to do a little happy dance b/c that means I only have 4.5 pounds to lose in the next 3 weeks, rather than 6.4lbs which was pretty daunting!

Bonus wonderful thing: Sexy, yet practical, lingerie. Received as a bridal shower gift this weekend from my friend. Tried it out last night. Yup, it works...and it's even comfortable to sleep in!!

2. Today's goal: Eat only when I'm hungry. Have been struggling with this a bit lately and eating just b/c I want to (see wonderful thing "b"). Went for a great run this morning at the gym, had a granola bar and have just finished off my 1/2 sandwich and pretzels now (almost 3pm) which I think is a pretty good thing. Now to get through the next few hours without snacking -always hard once people start leaving the office and I'm stuck here until 6!

3. Long term goal - washed my face last night and this AM, slathered on the self tanning moisturizer, and have had lots of water. This is going pretty well so far!

4. Random Fact: I can tell the difference between "regular" and "low fat" desserts in a blind taste test!


okay so already revising my plans for the blog. thinking i will start blogging the following:

1. 3 great things

2. 1 daily goal

3. 1 longer goal (or progress on one already set forth)

4. interesting piece of information i learned


1. already done in earlier post

2. enjoy a light jog after work, wash face before bed - this has always been a challenge for me. i begin the night time bedding process and by the time i have to brush my teeth and wash my face, i'm ready to throw in the still-dry towel and call it a night. i still brush my teeth but my poor pores are neglected far too often. well, i have a photo shoot in 3 weeks so there's no time like the present to get into the habit and banish the angry skin for good!

3. longer goal relates to point #2 - focus on pampering and prep for photo shoot in april - dropping the last 6 pounds, consistent moisturizing of skin and conditioning of hair, drinking TONS of water - these are all important and should be maintained!

4. Today is World Tuberculosis Day!

Monday, March 24

have decided to start keeping a list of things for which i am thankful, from which i derive enjoyment, or by which i am happily puzzled.

1. ice cream - i love ice cream. i especially love it when it's been placed on top of a goofy heath bar treat and is served to me just as i am debating what i should have as a responsible lunch!

2. sunny mornings - had the sunniest walk to work this morning! it was chilly, but no wind to speak of and the city seemed so much more cheery

3. the circus - the Big Apple Circus is coming to town and the crews have already erected the big top. it's only a matter of time before the elephants and tight rope walkers arrive. though my favorite part of the BAC has to be Granny. as kids we used to see the BAC when we went to new hampshire in the summers and the granny character always brings back such fond memories of those vacations. chasing tree frogs on the warm soft mulch yard. climbing down the rickety old wooden steps to get to the paddle boat. racing out to the diving dock near the swimming area as fast as we could b/c we didn't want the monsters to bite our toes!