my mind is kind of all over the place today so some random thoughts:

1. i LOVE greek yogurt, but i can see how it would be easy to gain weight if i sat down with a tub of it, some granola and a spoon. SO, i had this little portion-controlled wonder today:

Perfect Snack
2 soup spoonfuls of Fage Total
1 handful of fresh blueberries
sprinkling of natural granola
drizzle with wildflower honey to taste

2. i'm so anxious to finally have a "good" run again. it's been so long since i got up, went for a run, and it was fun and easy. though i think part of that is my growing distaste for the treadmill. BSC does not have good channels so i'm stuck watching shows i don't enjoy, which causes me to look at the time passing every 5 seconds. the 2.5 mile loop by the apartment is good, but i'd love to find an easy 4 mile route, even if it include the 2.5 miler and then some on the end. hmmm....must check out gmap-pedometer to see what i can come up with. times like this i wish i lived in the 'burbs!

3. my kryptonite is eating past 8. hands down. that's my downfall. last night i did okay, though i should have cut myself off at 8, even though i wasn't finished with my dinner. but at least i stopped after that. i think i can pretty much eat what i feel i need to eat during the day from now on, as long as i know to cut it out at 8!!

4. nervous about seeing AG tonight at the race in town. i know she's training for a 5k PR and she was not understanding at all during the St. Patty's race. finally had to tell her to just go ahead of me and it really frustrated me. i never ditched her in a race. ever. and i feel like tonight might be the same.

5. speaking of AG, S thinks it's time to make my peace with the fact that i have lost her to her new relationship and that i need to admit that i was never the priority in her life that she was in mine. i sometimes get angry about this but, for the most part, i'm just sad. positively heartsick, actually. it's just this overwhelming sense of disappointment and lack of acceptance. i've lost my running buddy and i'm lonely.

just about as random as i'd assumed this post would be, but such is life.

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