Decided to experiment a bit last night with one of my diet points. First of all, didn't know what I wanted for dinner so met S at the store and ended up getting a couple bite of a whole bunch of stuff. Then ate half of the lasagna he brought home (and it was HUGE). But I wanted to have dessert, probably to get the taste out of my mouth and, even though it was after 8pm, I reached for the peppermint patties. Well, now they're all gone, thanks to me not listening to myself. I knew it would happen too. But at least I'm working on getting wiser to my habits. Weight was up a bit today, probably as a result of the huge piece of lasagna sitting in my stomach right now. Hopefully I can drink a ton of water, be responsible with my meals today and see an improvement tomorrow.

Weight: 123.6
Miles run: 5.1

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