okay so already revising my plans for the blog. thinking i will start blogging the following:

1. 3 great things

2. 1 daily goal

3. 1 longer goal (or progress on one already set forth)

4. interesting piece of information i learned


1. already done in earlier post

2. enjoy a light jog after work, wash face before bed - this has always been a challenge for me. i begin the night time bedding process and by the time i have to brush my teeth and wash my face, i'm ready to throw in the still-dry towel and call it a night. i still brush my teeth but my poor pores are neglected far too often. well, i have a photo shoot in 3 weeks so there's no time like the present to get into the habit and banish the angry skin for good!

3. longer goal relates to point #2 - focus on pampering and prep for photo shoot in april - dropping the last 6 pounds, consistent moisturizing of skin and conditioning of hair, drinking TONS of water - these are all important and should be maintained!

4. Today is World Tuberculosis Day!

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