Monday, March 24

have decided to start keeping a list of things for which i am thankful, from which i derive enjoyment, or by which i am happily puzzled.

1. ice cream - i love ice cream. i especially love it when it's been placed on top of a goofy heath bar treat and is served to me just as i am debating what i should have as a responsible lunch!

2. sunny mornings - had the sunniest walk to work this morning! it was chilly, but no wind to speak of and the city seemed so much more cheery

3. the circus - the Big Apple Circus is coming to town and the crews have already erected the big top. it's only a matter of time before the elephants and tight rope walkers arrive. though my favorite part of the BAC has to be Granny. as kids we used to see the BAC when we went to new hampshire in the summers and the granny character always brings back such fond memories of those vacations. chasing tree frogs on the warm soft mulch yard. climbing down the rickety old wooden steps to get to the paddle boat. racing out to the diving dock near the swimming area as fast as we could b/c we didn't want the monsters to bite our toes!

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