The Big 2-7!

Thought I'd start my hottest year off on the right foot (haha) this morning with a run. Knew I'd have a bit of a time crunch b/c I had to get to work early today, but still got in a good 3.5-4 miles and it was gorgeous outside! Perfect birthday weather. Spent a lot of time listening to my body - pushing myself and then backing off, just kind of playing with my pace. Don't actually know exactly how fast or slow I was running, but realized it doesn't matter! Got back from my run and popped a few cherries in my mouth while waiting for S to get out of the shower and chugged some water. Felt a little woozy in the shower, but this is also my first day off the Pill - which I imagine is to blame!

Am now sitting at work in a cute little skirt, enjoying a big breakfast of hot vanilla cereal and a large banana - should keep me going for quite a while!!

Making mental note to drink more water this afternoon. Finally feeling more relaxed since my meeting with my boss went well - just hope I can do everything I've promised to do in the next 12 months! In celebration of being done with the meeting, wanting salt, and continuing to appreciate my new-found skill in making pizza, I am currently enjoying two more slices of my veggie pizza from last night!

Have also been thoroughly enjoying some organic Rainier cherries - on sale for the same price as regular reds! Thought I fear I may have indulged a bit too much....time for a walk!!

Enjoyed a lovely hour out in the sun and gluttenously purchased a fabu new running/exercise outfit. I'm mucho excited for my run with T this weekend and can't wait to try it all out!! Came back and decided to have the rest of my cherries for a refreshing treat:

And for a bit of energy before pilates I've enjoyed one of my latest obsessions:

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