Have decided to start taking photos of my meals both to learn to appreciate them more and to keep a record, but hopefully only in a good way. If I find a meal that really keeps me satisfied, I'd like to remember it! So....breakfast! I went from feeling satisfied from my late night food to being starving in the course of my shower. Kept telling myself I should have the grapefruit in my fridge, but in honor of listening to my body, I opted for the banana I was craving and the rest of my cherries, along with a spoonful of peanut butter:

Must have nourishment! It's 11:3oam and my stomach is growling. Again, in the interest of listening to my body, I've decided to feed it and opted for my latest obsession: PB&J, but upgraded with Jean Louis Provence Kitchen Lavender Jelly. Pure decadence! I'm also having a coffee to pep me up a little bit and added some half & half to keep me full a little longer:

And of course, time for a little afternoon indulgence:

And apparently since the ice cream only holds me over for about 3 hours, repeat open-faced PB&J, but no coffee this time:

I think a cup of green tea might hold me over until I head home now. Have opted for about 1/2 of a large Granny Smith apple and may now have my tea....

Went to WF after work and picked up some Ranier cherries and pizza fixings. Decided that I wanted some chocolate so got a bag at CVS as well. Got home, was very glad to see S and made a big veggie pizza:

I felt pretty satisfied after the first slice but knew I'd be hungry again soon if I didn't have the second so I enjoyed it. Had another handful or two of cherries and then some Hershey's Dark Miniatures. I think I had 5, which I'm kind of OK with, they were tasty!

Time for a good night's sleep and to wake up as a 27 year old!!!

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