Training Day 4

Have set myself up with a pretty ridiculous training schedule for the BAA Half on October 12, but I have high hopes. Granted, so far I havent actually been able to run my goal pace for more than 5 or 6 minutes, but Ive got time! Ive actually tacked on an extra two weeks to my training to get a better sense of what a realistic time goal should be. I ran the Pittsburgh "Just a Short Run" Half in 1:52:53, which I was pretty proud of - breaks down to about an 8:20 mile. I'd like to shoot for a 1:45:00 time for BAA, but that means shaving 20 seconds off a time that I cant even run right now. However, I really believe part of it is that Im stuck on a treadmill. While I realize treadmills are good for tracking pace, etc, it really just SUCKS to run indoors. If only I had a 1/4 mile track I could run around! I might go in search of one in the coming weeks, if only for a run here or there. We'll see! Did an easy run today (40 minutes) and banged out about 4.2 miles, just wasn't really feeling it. But Ive got a nice lazy long run tomorrow morning with K so hopefully thatll be fun, even if it's not fast!

Trying to eat more consciously - have rekindled my love affair with Fiber One bars and try to remind myself at each meal that Im fueling my body to run. Yes, I should still enjoy the food, but I didn't want to pump myself full of sodium today so I didnt get a soup bowl at Wagamama and opted for a chili shrimp dish over noodles instead. Got some veggies, got some protein (enhanced by the cup of edamame pods - YUM) and enjoyed the noodles and spice quite a bit. And didnt even end up eating all of it b/c I was quite satisfied with just half. All in all, an excellent lunch.

Now to scheme up a good dinner....

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